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QUALISTEELCOAT quality checks

QUALISTEELCOAT is an international mark of quality for organic steel coatings. The most commonly used construction material in both architectural and industrial applications, steel must be protected from corrosion. If that corrosion protection is to be provided by organic coatings, this falls within the scope of QUALISTEELCOAT.

The demands of QUALISTEELCOAT go beyond corrosion protection and include requirements for mechanical characteristics, weathering resistance and decorative appearance. The QUALISTEELCOAT Specifications define the quality level and requirements that a coating company must meet internally in order to offer their products on the market as a company certified by QUALISTEELCOAT.

It includes definitions of the quality requirements for coating companies and coating systems, the process of approving coating materials, as well as the regular external quality control of coating companies who hold a QUALISTEELCOAT quality label.

Only coating systems that are in line with these specifications may be used. The coating company must only use coating materials for which the material manufacturer has obtained approval from QUALISTEELCOAT.

The corresponding licence certificate indicates the coating systems and corrosivity categories for which a coating company holding a QUALISTEELCOAT licence is qualified.

As part of these quality checks, our inspectors not only review the comprehensive programme of self-auditing and documentation measures, they also take profiles and subject them to the prescribed corrosion tests in our own laboratory. Only approved coating systems are permitted for the coatings. The approval of coating materials is carried out in our accredited laboratory.

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