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Monitoring of factory production control systems in accordance with DIN EN 1090

As a notified body under the Construction Products Regulation (EU CPR), the IFO certification body carries out impartial and independent monitoring of coating companies. By having their processes checked and monitored, businesses are not only able to ensure consistent quality, they also benefit from a competitive advantage. The DIN EN 1090 series of standards includes requirements for surface treatment and corrosion protection, as well as for the application and monitoring of the coating and the material used. These processes must match the component specification. The coating company must establish factory production control systems that meet all the requirements of DIN EN 1090 and has to prove that the corrosion protection system used is appropriate for fulfilling the demands of the specified corrosivity category and period of protection.

Factory production control systems are not only about controlling the manufacturing process and the final product, they also cover other requirements concerning how to define responsibilities, qualify personnel, maintain devices and machinery, and calibrate measuring equipment. How coating materials are stored is incredibly important, as are the issues of documentation and traceability throughout the entire production process. Subjecting coating companies to impartial and independent monitoring in the context of DIN EN 1090 creates confidence within the supply chain. Inspections can often be combined with a certification process performed on the same day, with a certificate then being issued as proof.

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