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Monitoring of coating companies in accordance with DBS 918340

All suppliers to Deutsche Bahn who are involved with powder coating must have their factory production control systems monitored. 

Coating companies must qualify as suppliers according to the Deutsche Bahn standard (DBS) in order to provide Deutsche Bahn with powder-coated exterior and interior parts made of aluminium and steel alloys for rail vehicles. The monitoring of the company's factory production control systems is a requirement of this qualification.  

DBS 918340 – Technical Delivery Conditions – applies to coating powders as well as to the powder coating of exterior and interior parts used in rail vehicles for Deutsche Bahn AG. The product qualification relates to the intended area of application in each case. Distinctions are made between indoor and outdoor areas, and between decorative and technical parts. Approvals can be granted for different textures and gloss levels. Powders can also be given multiple qualifications.

Fundamental changes have been made from the old delivery conditions in terms of the qualification of coating materials and the more stringent testing criteria for coating companies.

Our laboratory, accredited to ISO/IEC 17025, can carry out material approvals in accordance with DBS 918340 and our certification body, approved to ISO/IEC 17065, can also monitor companies according to the Deutsche Bahn standard.

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