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Corrosion protection and coating consultancy services

We can help you to protect your metal components from corrosion. Electrogalvanisation, single-piece galvanisation, strip galvanisation, Sendzimir galvanisation, nickel plating, chemical nickel plating, powder coating, liquid coating, painting: these are all terms that could be confusing to non-experts, making it more difficult for them to choose the most suitable corrosion protection system. More than 800 companies all over the world value our wide-ranging expertise; for example, we can recommend the right coating system for your particular area of application, draft text templates for invitations to tender or qualify coatings that have already been applied. At the Institute's in-house accredited laboratory, we are able to run corrosion tests, such as the salt spray test, and change of climate tests according to a huge range of test standards for our customers from the oil, architecture, machine building, automotive, chemical and surface engineering industries.

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