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Certification of galvanisation companies in accordance with ISO 1461

To ensure that construction products are properly galvanised when they are manufactured, we certify companies in accordance with ISO 1461. This standard specifies the general properties of coatings and test methods for coatings applied by dipping fabricated iron and steel articles (including certain castings) in a zinc melt.

The standard does not apply to sheet, wire and woven or welded mesh products that are continuously hot-dip galvanised; tubes and pipes that are hot-dip galvanised in automatic plants; or hot-dip galvanised products (e.g. fasteners) for which specific standards exist and which might include additional requirements or requirements that are different from those in this standard.

After-treatment/over-coating of hot-dip galvanised articles is not covered by this standard. DASt Guideline 022 'Guideline for hot-dip-zinc-coating to protect steel structures from corrosion' must also be observed for use in building control. This Guideline specifies requirements that go beyond the scope of DIN EN ISO 1461 in terms of pre-treatment, the hot-dip galvanisation process, testing and acceptance.

Area of competence


  • DASt Richtlinie 022
  • ISO 1461

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