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Certification for metal construction companies in accordance with DIN EN 1090

We certify metal construction companies in accordance with DIN EN 1090. Our inspectors check the factory production control systems of metalworking businesses both nationally and internationally. The IFO Institute is a notified and accredited certification body in accordance with the EU Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 listed in NANDO under NB number 2458.

European standard DIN EN 1090 defines the requirements for assessing the conformity of steel and aluminium load-bearing components and kits that are being brought onto the market as construction products. The conformity assessment covers manufacturing characteristics and, if required, load-bearing characteristics. This standard also deals with the conformity assessment of steel components that are used in composite steel and concrete structures. Components may be used directly, installed in load-bearing structures or used as kits. The standard also applies to load-bearing components that are manufactured in series or non-series production and to kits as well. The components can be made from construction materials that are hot rolled, cold formed or manufactured using some other technology. They can be cross sections or profiles in various shapes, made from steel or aluminium flat material (plates, sheets, strips), rods, castings or forgings. They may be either unprotected or protected against corrosion by a coating or another type of surface treatment, such as anodising in the case of aluminium. 

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  • DIN EN 1090

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