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Adhesive strength test according to DIN EN ISO 2409 (cross cut) and DIN EN ISO 16276-2 (X shaped inciscion)

In the cross cut test (layer thicknesses ≤ 250 μm), a single- or multi-bladed knife is used to cut through the coating down to the substrate at specified spacings and the paint adhesion is evaluated over the proportion of the detached surface inside the incision grid. 

For layer thicknesses above 250 μm, an incision similar to a St. Andrew's cross with an opening angle between 30° and 45° is cut down to the substrate with a singlebladed knife and the damage from the intersection is evaluated on the basis of comparative images from the standard.

Area of competence


  • DIN EN ISO 16276-2
  • DIN EN ISO 2409

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