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Accelerated weathering test (artificial weathering with xenon arc lamps) according to DIN EN ISO 16474-2 and DIN EN ISO 4892-2

The accelerated weathering tests are among the artificial forms of weathering. The destruction of the surface of plastics or coatings by filtered xenon arc irradiation together with cyclic deionized water spray is tested. This method, also known as "Sun Test", is used to determine weathering resistance of coating materials for exterior and (with the corresponding filters) interior usage.

It is tested according to e.g. VW PV 3929, VW PV 3930, SAE J2527, BMW AA-0235, ISO 2135, ISO 105-B02 and ISO 105-B06.

Area of competence


  • ISO 105
  • ISO 2135
  • AA-0235
  • SAE J2527
  • PV 3930
  • PV 3929
  • ISO 105-B02
  • DIN EN ISO 4892-3
  • DIN EN ISO 16474-2

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