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Certification of hot-dip galvanisation companies in accordance with DASt Guideline

In our capacity as a building control testing and inspection centre, we carry out certifications in accordance with DASt Guideline 022. Our inspectors check more than 200 galvanisation businesses both nationally and internationally, conferring a certificate of conformity that comes together with the Ü-mark. The DASt Guideline covers the checking of factory production control systems and the galvanising bath. The DASt Guideline applies to hot-dip-zinc-coating of prefabricated load-bearing components that are designed and produced in accordance with DIN EN 1993 and DIN EN 1090. It is intended for planners, manufacturers and galvanisers, and deals with measures designed to prevent any impairment to structural safety and fitness for use that could result from cracks forming during the galvanisation process. The DASt Guideline complements other standards that are universally applicable to galvanisation, such as DIN EN ISO 1461 for use in building control.

Area of competence


  • DASt Richtlinie 022
  • ISO 1461

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